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Find a place that is clear of dry brush, cops, and dogs that chase tennis balls.

Pour some lighter fluid into the bowl until it is about 1 inch deep. Place a tennis ball into the bowl and liberally spray more lighter fluid onto the tennis ball. Roll the tennis ball around in the lighter fluid until it is well-soaked.

Remove tennis ball from bowl and place on flat ground (concrete or pavement is best). Carefully light the tennis ball with the lighter. When it is good and flaming, line up your shot, watch out for unsuspecting passers-by, and then hit the tennis ball squarly with the golf club.


One of two things should occur:
  1. If the tennis ball is hit very hard, the lighter fluid on the ball should be consumed in one burst of flame.
  2. If the tennis ball is hit softly, the ball will roll along the ground, still on fire, scaring the neighborhood children.

Note: Reusing the bowl for anything other than more Flaming Tennis Ball Golf is not recommended.

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