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Bending robot in Futurama, a brother of Bender himself. The two are easily mistaken for each other, leading to much deviousness on both their parts.

In "The Lesser of Two Evils", both robots were part of the Planet Express ship's mission to deliver a priceless tiara to the Miss Universe pageant. The tiara was, unsurprisingly, stolen, and Flexo was arrested for what was actually Bender's crime. (It turned out Bender was the evil Bender after all.)

In "Bendless Love", the two robots vied for the attentions of Angeline, a bending unit fembot. Bender eventually accepted that Flexo was her robot.

Flexo is to be distinguished from Bender by his goatee, which Bender unsuccessfully tried to imitate with a stick-on metal replica. Otherwise, the two are very similar.

Bender: Hey, brobot, what's your serial number?
Flexo: 3370318.
Bender: No way! Mine's 2716057!
[Bender and Flexo laugh. Fry starts to, and then ...]
Fry: I don't get it.
Bender: We're both expressible as the sum of two cubes!

(Quote from http://www.things.org/~jym/y3k/2ACV06.html)

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