A flogger (also known as a whip), is a tool used to administer punishment and pleasure. It is generally a wood handle with leather strips (cowhide, deerhide, etc.), though can be made in a number of ways in different materials, such as: thin cylindrical strips or long flat rectangular strips of rubber/neoprene; strips of rope (mmmm, rope burn); oiled leather to give a stronger more rubberlike sting... will leave marks (not that I would know); braided leather (as in many cat o' nine tails), plastic (what is this world coming to?);horsehair; knotted leather, studded leather, and that stretchy koosh ball rubbery stuff.

The handles are usually made of wood, leather, rubber, metal or any combination of the formentioned. Metal handles are often designed for penetration into any desired orifice by the dominant party. There are also horsehair floggers with a buttplug handle for the dual purpose of ponyplay (does that girl have a tail, or is it just me?)....

Every flogger has its function for a top, in any session a Dom will use more then one for different levels of intensity... Starting with something mild like a soft leather teaser flogger working their way up to a rubber or oiled leather flogger or cat o'nine tails.

Floggers are fun as long as they aren't abused, know your limits.

Flog"ger (?), n.


One who flogs.


A kind of mallet for beating the bung stave of a cask to start the bung.



© Webster 1913.

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