A kind of counterpoint in which the second, third, and fourth species are combined; eighth notes are allowed under certain rigorous tonal restrictions and prescribed patterns.

Flor"id (?), a. [L. floridus, fr. flos, floris, flower. See Flower.]


Covered with flowers; abounding in flowers; flowery.


Fruit from a pleasant and florid tree. Jer. Taylor.


Bright in color; flushed with red; of a lively reddish color; as, a florid countenance.


Embellished with flowers of rhetoric; enriched to excess with figures; excessively ornate; as, a florid style; florid eloquence.

4. Mus.

Flowery; ornamental; running in rapid melodic figures, divisions, or passages, as in variations; full of fioriture or little ornamentations.


© Webster 1913.

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