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Hyper-surreal webcomic by Chris Mastrangelo, always weird, often reality-bending and sometimes hilarious. Not only does it have evil penguins, the Amish Conspiracy and exploding cows, it is chock full of characters who make great metasyntactic variables.

And... uh... Winston Churchill.

"Fluble" is pronounced with a short "u", like "Flubble". (not "Flooble"!)

And now, to fill out the comic, a slug that knows sign language
"But he doesn't have any hands."
"But still..."


  • Fluble P. Marshell, lunatic überfrog constantly battling against quirky, quasi-omnipotent beings. Fluble seems to get killed and resurrected a lot.
  • Balt, alien mad scientist and inventor who lives with Fluble. Balt is an island of sanity, and seems almost aware that he is in a comic.
  • Burble, ancient, random tomato-like being who also lives with Fluble. Burble is incomprehensible to most, except for his undeniable affinity for Cheez Doodles.
  • Clown, unattainable circus-freak girl who is their neighbor, and Fluble's romantic interest. Clown is obsessed with blimps.
  • Schrafka, freakin' conspiracy cat, man! Imagine Dennis Hopper on crack-laced coffee.
  • Mack The, street smart con artist whale who interacts with Fluble and friends when it serves his interests.
  • Lump, a demonic, cannibalistic, almost autistic-seeming girl who once dated Fluble.
  • Zangoth, leader of the friendly neighborhood satanic cult.
  • Fishman, the everpresent, unseen (or unnoticed) ... fish.
  • Occam, a man of wealth and taste. Fluble's hallucinatory gargoyle.
  • Evil Penguins, trying to take over the world on a budget.
  • Number One, malevolent god-like being who loves mac and cheese.
  • Rubble, Fluble's obligatory evil twin.
  • The Devil Bunny looks so cute holding a chainsaw. Typically appears for Halloween.
  • Deathduck, the duck of death.
  • Zooper, the world's smartest thing-that-isn't-a-mailbox
  • Sorcel, the imaginary son of Fluble and Clown, imagined by both at different times. Likes naming bagels.
  • And many more...
The comic produces a lot of random imagery, such as: Fluble seems to be on hiatus, but you can get on a mailing list and receive really weird email from Chris Mastrangelo.

Well, this is great. We're upside-down and wearing jellyfish.
Mine's a sea anenome!

Update:Chris seems to be working on a comic book.

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