Noun. A portmanteau of fluff and suffragette.

A term coined in 1997 by 'journalist' Cherri Gilham in the British Daily Mail newspaper. In a series of articles, Gilham outlined a "Fluffy Manifesto" which she claimed represented the means by which certain 'pre-feminist women', whom she named fluffragettes, used to achieve equality of opportunity with men. These means included giggling, pouting, flirting, and cooing.

Predictably, this claim provoked heated responses from many feminist writers, although the word Fluffragette itself would probably have been forgotten had it not been for Suzanne Moore, a columnist in the Independent Newspaper, who wrote several articles in response to Gilham's and effectively popularized the word.

Several months after posting it, I had the pleasure of receiving an e-mail from Cherri Gilham concerning this write-up. The full text of that e-mail, along with some comments of my own which I added after a little more research, can be found here.

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