The first Sesame Street movie. The plot concerns Big Bird being placed in a foster home. He of course tries to hitchhike back to Sesame Street. At the same time, his Muppet friends try to find him. Just about every major Muppet makes an appearance. The cast, as always, from the IMDB:

Carroll Spinney .... Big Bird/Oscar the Grouch
Emilio Delgado .... Luis
Jim Henson .... Kermit the Frog/Ernie
Frank Oz .... Cookie Monster/Bert/Grover
Sandra Bernhard .... Waitress in Grouch Restaurant
John Candy .... State Trooper
Chevy Chase .... Newscaster
Joe Flaherty .... Sid Sleaze
Waylon Jennings .... Truck Driver
Dave Thomas .... Sam Sleaze

As you can see, much like The Muppet Movies, Follow That Bird was full of random cameos.

On a personal note, I remeber when I was young I cried when they painted Big Bird blue. I'm not sure why. I guess they stripped him of his identity. Or maybe I really thought he would never actually make it back to Sesame Street. In any case, great great children's flick.

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