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Location in the Invader Zim universe where Zim was banished for ruining Operation Impending Doom 1. Zim quit being banished (much to the Allmighty Tallest's confusion... how does one "quit being banished"?), and left for his legendary assigning to Earth.

Later, in the episode "The Frycook What Came From All That Space", Zim is caught by Sizzlor, who runs the restaurant on Foodcourtia that Zim was banished to. He is captured, and forced to finish out his sentence.

Apparently, Zim was able to leave because he escaped just before "The Foodening", which is an event where Foodcourtia is burdened by millions of hungry consumers, and the sheer vacuum created by all the arrivals makes leaving the planet impossible for 20 years (Yes. Zim hasn't been gone for that long, but Sizzlor stammers through a horrible explanation that boils down to "shut up and accept it"). While Zim was away, Sizzlor added a new front entrance to the restaurant that prevented Zim's escape. This horrible development tormented Zim's very soul, until it was revealed to him that he could escape by hiding in a very large object, as the door had a defect. Zim opts to hide in a very fat man, and escapes the restaurant. He almost doesn't make it off the planet, as The Foodening is about to begin again, but he makes it out of the vacuum, to make his way back home to his base on The Filthy Ball of Stink.

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