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Parody site, also known as "Trent Reznor's Personal Homepage." created as a joke, due to all the people joining #nin around '94 and asking "Is Trent Here?". Eric Seven, known as "blackrose", got tired of it one day, and said, "Yeah, I'm Trent". Created a site to point all the lamers to, and the rest is history. Site was the source of many ludicrous rumors surrounding the band, (i.e. Trent Reznor working with Coolio, a breakfast cereal called "Closer-O's", etc.) Became center of oft-quoted misinformation. Site created the joke of "halo eleven", known as "impossible pain". Kennedy (formerly of MTV) actually went on air telling viewers that trent was working on "impossible pain". very funny.

see also, Jason Patterson.

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