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Footville, Wisconsin is a small town just 15 minutes outside of Janesville, Wisconsin, and 45 minutes south of Madison, Wisconsin.

You may have never heard of such a place, or believe that such a place may exist;

I assure you, it does.



Amazingly enough, this town has its own website though I would not believe much of what it says. Whoever created this website spelled "Connecticut" and "government" wrong on their History page.

On the town's website, it claims to have 768 people. I am a bit skeptical of that. When I was there, I only saw one person: a middle-aged paper boy with a nice hat. It doesn't seem plausible that I might just not have noticed any other people. Footville is only one square mile.

Lucky for you, Footville has plenty of activities for people of all ages. You can go to their community park (not to be confused with their memorial park, just a block away) and play on their historic, lighted ball diamond. This ball diamond was the first to be lighted in the entire United States. I, for one, never would've guessed that in a million years.

Also, at the end of April, they hold a village-wide rummage sale. People from as far away as Montana have called to ask about it. Though, I can't see why they'd want to other than to see if these people were actually serious. This also is quite misleading. Just because people from Montana have called doesn't mean that they necessarily went to this rummage sale.


If you didn't know this already and as if it wasn't enough, Howard Snyder, inventor of Maytag Washing Machines, was born here.



Thank you, Ezra Foot, for founding such an amazing town.






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