This is one of those days; I am scared, afraid of the world again.

I am afraid of getting the expense claims wrong again.
I am scared by the cars as they scream past me
I am terrified they will hurt my legs again
I am petrified that I will fail her

I am afraid that people will find out that I am not doing very good work
I am afraid that I am simply not good enough
I am scared that people think I am too ugly to take seriously

I want to hide; run away

I'm sorry; I know that fear is taboo. I'll really try to be perfect more often

I am afraid that I am stupid
I am terrified that I will lose what I have
I am scared by the other people; they seem so much happier than I
I am afraid that I am really shallow
I am scared by the fact that I have never really finished anything
I am petrified by my passive acceptance of other people's opinions
I am afraid that I will never stand for a cause
I am afraid that I will fall behind
I am scared by my lack of self esteem

I am afraid that my fear will always have a hold over me
I am afraid that it will prevent me from happiness

She loves me,
This will conquer
my fears
I know,
I am safe
with her,
but I am still
a little child
without her

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