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Fortress Europe is a concept the antagonist discourse in Europe is attacking against. This opposition includes such networks or rhizomes as Kein Mensch ist Illegal (Germany), Sans Papier (France) and Ya Basta (Italy).
They see that the real globalization cannot be achieved without complete freedom of movement of people i.e. they are against only the current form of globalization that excludes the poor.
The claim is that the borders of Schengen has killed more people than the Berlin Wall ever did. The border between USA and Mexico belongs to this very same border of exclusion.

Ironically whilst putting up the borders the ruling elite of European Union has to have admitted that Europe will need labour outside Europe to meet the demand in near future. For example Germany has a program to recruit IT-experts from India. While welcoming these certain workers the Fortress Europe doesn't only build up detention camps for illegal immigrants but also accepts the fact there are a great number of people illegally in a country working with extremely low salary comparable to slavery due to lack of passports and official documents.

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