Fan term for lineups of Fairport Convention during the period August 1972 - January 1976, which included members of Fotheringay, particularly Trevor Lucas and Jerry Donahue, but also Sandy Denny (a former Fairport member who appears on their early, good albums, re-joining March 1974). During this time they released:
  • Rosie (1973)
  • Nine (1973)
  • Live Convention (1974, with Denny, often retitled)
  • Rising For The Moon (1975, with Denny)

Sandy Denny's only American tour with Fairport was during this period. She went on to more solo work until her death in 1978.

Trevor Lucas became a producer, and custodian to Sandy Denny's burgeoning legend.

Jerry Donahue went on to record and tour with Richard Thompson and Joan Armatrading plus various little bands and sessions, heroicly managing not to join Jethro Tull. His first solo album, Telecasting came out in 1986.

If you don't believe me look it up. Sources: AMG All Music Guide, and Pete Frame's family tree for Fairport Convention, March 2002 version, as included in the lavish Fairport unConventional box set.

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