Un foufoun is, literally, one cheek of one's ass. Ergo, Foufounes Elecetrique means "Electric Asscheeks". A bar in Montral that plays host to various demi-identities, it's shut down annually by the provincial government for imagined infractions. Sex in the stalls, snorting coke off the breasts of licentious women, moshing, etc. Biased towards goths and punks.

The "Fouf'", as the locals call it, is a gigantic 3 floor monstrosity which plays metal, hardcore, punk, industrial.. and seeminly toward the end of the night, a steady stream of gabber. Half of both the first and 2nd floors are open to the outdoors, which means you can smoke while having your drink, if that is your wont. The place is decorated like a big post-apocalyptic warehouse of sorts, and the ambiance is unreal. It feels like some fictional place that exists in the movies, not in real life.

The crowd provides for some of the best people watching in Montreal. You have the flamboyant punks with huge mohawks. You have the metal heads, the goths, the ravers, and then those who are kind of in the middle and haven't spent 6 hrs getting ready before going out. What surprises me the most, is that the place was PACKED. Hundreds of people came to that bar to listen to this music on purpose. It didn't seem like such a niche market at all.

The other great thing about the Fouf' is the drink prices. Most nights have $1.50 beers on the 2nd floor (yes there is a cover charge, but come on, you can drink until you're drunk for really cheap), and even the normal beer prices on the 1st floor (where there is no cover) is ridiculously cheap.

The first floor is just the bar, and the open smoking area. The 2nd floor is an open patio smoking/sitting area, and a big stage and mosh pit/dancing area. The third floor is another dancing area that looks down upon the 2nd floor stage.

If you are into any of the types of music mentioned, this place is a must see. Yes, there isn't anyone openly doing crack, and no, no one is covered in vomit.. but there were definitely no preppies to be seen, and even the scenester crowd was kept to a minimum because hell, most of them are actually afraid of a mosh pit.

It is called the Canadian CBGBs for a reason.

Also of note: The name translates to "Electric Asscheeks", but I've been told that in France, the term can also be very vulgar slang for female genitalia. Fun!

I call bullshit on the writeup prior to mine. This bar is NOT a cool place for preppies. If you walked in there in khakis, odds are you'd get the "wtf are you doing here" look from anyone present.

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