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Frank Klepacki is probably most well known for his work producing the score for the entire Command & Conquer series of games for Westwood Studios. He has been Senior Composer at Westwood for over 11 years, and has produced soundtracks for other companies as well. At age eight, Klepacki learned to play the drums. He has since picked up the guitar, keyboard, and bass. He also took interest in sound engineering and computers. During high school, he worked as a part-time beta tester for Westwood. This gave him the opportunity to give a demo-tape to the music department supervisor, consisting of some stuff he did on a 4 track. Westwood agreed to give him a shot once he got out of high school.

Klepacki has also been in a few bands. The first was a progressive rock band called I AM. They released an album called "There's a Home" in 1995 and split up the same year. Their song, "Times," appeared in Command & Conquer on the Nod credits screen. He later joined a funk band called Home Cookin' and released two albums. One of their songs is featured on the movie American Vampire. Home Cookin' is no longer around, but a few of its members (including Frank Klepacki) started another band: Mo' Friction. Mo Friction' takes influences from a variety of styles like rock, reggae, funk, Latin, and jazz. They are currently in the studio putting together an album. Both Home Cookin' and Mo' Friction have songs available for downloading at MP3.com.

He has just released a solo album called Morphscape. Morphscape is an exploration of different styles of electronica, which he dedicates to fans of his music for the Command & Conquer series.



Mo' Friction

Home Cookin'


Computer Games (thanks to www.mobygames.com):


Frank Klepacki http://www.frankklepacki.com
MobyGames.com Rap Sheet http://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,1950/

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