Taking a perfectly good piece of meat then placing it over a very hot flame and cooking the shit out of it until there is no flavor left. You are left with a brown or black hunk of something that only loosely resembles meat.

Most steak-puritans will agree that well done is no way to eat a steak. In some steak houses they will refuse to serve you a steak well done. A steak cooked well done is usually quite dry, and is brown in color all the way through.
To cook a serving of food well done is to brown, crisp, or burn the food in an attempt to enhance the flavor. Two of the most common usages of well done food is meat and pizza.

A well done steak will be brown inside and either brown or black on the outside. The flavor of it is a lot drier then normal meat. The meat tends to turn flavorless.

For pizza it is considered well done, when the pizza's top starts to harden into blackened crust and the bottom of the pizza starts to darken. Thicker pizzas tend to be ruined in the process of making a well done pizza. Thin pizzas with light sauce will tend to have a better flavor when well done, especially as the sauce burns off.

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