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Frank Silva is the classic example of the aspiring actor discovered while toiling away behind the scenes. Before his role as Killer BOB on "Twin Peaks," he had received a master's degree in lighting design from San Francisco State University, and worked as a set decorator, property master, and painter on a few second-rate movies (Rosalie Goes Shopping and Joysticks). David Lynch, who apparently shows the same favoritism for crew members as he does for actors, employed Silva as a set decorator for The Cowboy And The Frenchman, Dune, Blue Velvet, and Wild at Heart, and it was in this capacity that he came to "Twin Peaks." However,
at a certain point he moved a chest of drawers in front of the door and someone said, "Don't block yourself in there, Frank." And my mind pictured Frank blocked in the room. And then I rushed into him and said, "Frank, are you an actor?" And he said, "Why, I happen to be an actor." So I said, "You're going to be in this."

And then later we were shooting the last set up in the house and it was pretty late at night and it was Mrs. Palmer at the end of that day where she lost her daughter, smoking a cigarette, distraught on the couch and playing some scenes in her mind. And she sees something mentally and lurches up and the operator has to crank very fast to catch it. Nailed it. Perfect. She screams at the top of this thing in this big close up. And I said, "Beautiful!" and I congratulated Grace on her job, and Sean said, "No, it's not good, not good, not good." And I said, "What's wrong?" and he said, "Someone was reflected in the mirror." And I said, "Who was reflected in the mirror?" And he said, "Frank was." And then I knew I was on to something. --David Lynch, interviewed in Scene By Scene
Though serendipity put Frank into his bloodcurdling role in "Twin Peaks" and Fire Walk With Me, he continued as a set decorator, including work on One False Move with Billy Bob Thornton.

Frank Silva died of a heart attack on September 13, 1995, in Seattle, Washington, at the age of 46. He, Jack Nance, John Boylan (mayor Dwayne Milford), and Hank Worden (Señor Droolcup) are the only "Twin Peaks" cast members who are no longer living at the time of this writeup.

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