A comic strip written by Jef Mallett. It centers on the main character, and his interactions with the students at an elementary school he works at. It compares quite favorably, both in style and tone, to Calvin and Hobbes.

For the most part, Mr. Mallett draws the comic by hand, using a computer for coloring. His wife, however, does the lettering. She has much better handwriting than he. It started in April, 2001

The Characters

  • Frazz Songwriter, philosopher, cyclist, and janitor at a Bryson Elementary School. He took the job when times were lean, and kept it because he liked the interaction with the kids. He alternates between being an authority figure and playmate. Be sure to look at the logos on his t-shirts.
  • Caulfield Brilliant yet bored, Caulfield is eight years old. His boredom with school causes all sorts of mischief. He is also Frazz's best friend among the students, spending lots of time discussing life and literature.
  • Mr. Burke Frazz's best friend, and the school's best teacher. He and Frazz play one-on-one basketball, with a consistent record of tie games, playing more for the company and conversation.
  • Miss Plainwell The first-grade teacher, and Frazz's love interest. They had an awkward courtship, both interested in the other but lacking the courage. Lately, it has been going well. Mr. Mallett is somewhat surprised that she looks like his wife.
  • Mr. Spaetzle The school's principal. He has a doctorate of education, but is still somewhat naive. Under him, the school runs well, but he still wishes he could be Frazz.
  • Mrs. Olsen Caulfield's teacher, and the closest thing the strip has to a villain. Basically, she has burned out, and is not counting the days until retirement. The patience she lacks in the classroom she has in spades for her garden.
  • Clutch Frazz's cycling partner. Professionally, he's an ER nurse.
  • Lyle Frazz's guinea pig and muse. Named for one of his songwriting heroes.

Frazz seems to prefer knowledge over ignorance, books over TV, bicycles over SUVs, and exercise over inactivity. Where else could $3,500 road bikes, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and the word "callipygian" all find a home in the funny pages.

Definitely my new favorite comic!


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