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Born 1843, died 1912. King of Denmark 1906-1912. Son of King Christian IX of Denmark and Queen Louise of Denmark. Father of King Christian X of Denmark and King Haakon VII of Norway (born Carl). Husband of Queen Lovisa of Denmark.

Originally, Frederik VIII was not meant to be king. However, while Frederik was still a youth, his father became heir to the Danish throne, inaugurating the Gl├╝cksburg dynasty. Suddenly, young Frederik was no longer the son of the commander of the horse guards - he was prince and heir.

Immediately, plans were drawn up to ensure that Frederik would be well prepared for the monarchy. He was sent off to Oxford University to study political science, and later underwent a military education.

Ironically, Frederik, so well prepared for the kingship, was to reign for only six brief years. Nevertheless, during those six years he displayed considerable royal acumen, as well as a remarkably open mind. The considerable political changes Denmark was going through at the time were greatly satisfying to the liberal king.

King Frederik was also famed for his unusually good memory and his personal generosity.

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