NAME: Arthur
ADDRESS: 113 Eden Street Apt 7B, The City
OCCUPATION: Accountant/Superhero-Sidekick
MARITAL STATUS: Single, Dating Carmelita Vatos
He wears a moth flying suit.

Paradaigm of a Sidekick Arthur is the greatest sidekick the Tick could ever hope for. He's ying to Tick's Yang; He's cheech to Tick's Chong; He's the smart-weak-one, While Tick's the big, strong, dumb animal.

The Origin:
Arthur was your mild mannered accountant. One Day he went to an auction of J.J. Vatos, the missing "mad" scientist, inventions. One of these such inventions was a "moth" suit, which gave the wearer the ability to fly. Arthur, seeing an oppourtunity to maybe add a little excitment, buys the suit. Arthur likes the suit so much that he wears it every day to work. His co-workers and boss, however did not see it the same way. They found it strange and disturbing and fired him. With this new "release" from his job, Arthur decides to become a super-hero. Lucky him that he runs into a new superhero in the city, The Tick, who happens to be in need of a sidkick with Arthur's credentials.

So what happened next?
Tick moves into to Arthurs apartment. While Tick contiues to see a great destiny for the newfound duo, Arthur has second thoughts about the team-up. His sister Dot also questions this new lifestyle. The Tick and Arthur find their first villan, or more accurately their first group of villans, The Idea Men, who threaten to flood the City by destroying the dam. By thwarting the Villans plans to destroy the City, Arthur, and of course, the Tick, gain city-wide recognition as first-class crime-fighters. Since then Arthur has helped to stop many a villan's evil plan's by being the smart helpful sideckick he was destined to be.

What happened recentley?
Recentley, Arthur's sister, Dot(whom arthur often borrows a car from), got married to one of Tick's good friends and also greatest enemy, Dinosaur Neil. Arthur has also finds himself a girlfriend, Carmelita Vatos, daughter of the missing inventor, J.J. Vatos, who as you remember designed arthur's one of a kind suit. As Arthur soon discovers this suit is not one of a kind. Carmelita wears the exact same suit! It looks alot different on her though (curves in all strange places). Though they haven't really kissed yet love is in the air for Arthur, and the beautiful and smart maiden, Carmelita.
Also an 8-year-old aardvark in a series of children's books by Marc Brown and the PBS series made from them.

Arthur lives with his parents, younger sister D.W. (Dora Winifred) and youngest sister Baby Kate. He is in Mr. Ratburn's 3rd grade class with his best friend, Buster Bunny. From the PBS Arthur page:

Arthur is a side project of MxPx. It has the same members (Mike, Tom, and Yuri) as MxPx, plus Neil Hundt on bass. The band started because Mike wanted to try a different sound and songwriting style than MxPx. They released an EP, Loneliness is Bliss, in 1998. They are on Rock City Recordings, which they own and operate

Arthur is "for fans of good old rock n' roll, who want to see us dress up and rock out." -Tom

The name "Arthur" does not occur in any context before the 7th century A.D. Once it starts occuring in historical records, we generally assume that these people are being named after King Arthur. This begs the obvious question of where King Arthur got his name from.

One posibility is that "Arthur" derived from the rare Roman name Artorius, meaning "plowman", but another intriguing possibility is that it derived from "Artgur", or "bear-man", Art being an old Celtic root meaning "bear" and gur a Brythonic word for "man". There is some circumstantial evidence for such a contention.

In numerous early Welsh works, art commonly serves as a figurative synonym for a warrior. Moreover, linguists attest to the softening of harsher sounds such as "tg" to the "th" sound in late Old English. Finally, a gloss added to a late 12th or early 13th century manuscript of the Historia Brittonum states that "Arthur" means ursus horribilis, or "horrible bear," in Latin. Thus, it is plausible to conceive renowned warrior (as Arthur is supposed to have been) receiving a nickname or nom de guerre such as Artgur, only to have the nickname conflated with his given name in the popular memory.

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