This is the first book of Anne McCaffrey's Catteni trilogy:
  • Freedom's Landing
  • Freedom's Choice
  • Freedom's Challenge

A superior humanoid race called the Catteni has taken control of Earth and subjugated the humans, and scattered groups of them to other planets in Catteni control along with other subjugated races from elsewhere. However, the humans abroad and on Earth continue to resist.

The Catteni's way of handling this is to collect everyone nearby a riot and dump them on a "difficult" unsettled planet along with any other subjugated races they happen to have on hand, in hopes that the rebels will survive and tame the world.

But this time, something is wrong. The planet they are dumped on has no sentient life, but it is also not exactly unsettled! It is filled with mysterious dangerous machines not detected by the initial cursory Catteni surveys.

Will the humans survive? Will they get along with the other races stuck with them? Will the humans even get along with each other? Will the settlers be harvested like so many cattle by the mysterious machines? Will the owners of the machines show up? Will the Catteni return and correct their mistake? Will the main character survive her love triangle?

Some of these questions are answered in this book; for the rest you'll have to read the next book too!

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