Schipperkes are little black dogs with huge hearts and souls. They are fearless, often forgetting they are small, usually under 20 lbs. Fox like in appearance, energetic, intelligent, and loyal beyond compare. Schips originated in Belguim and are often referred to as "little Captains".

These wonderful little bundles of energy can often be viewed as a lap dog. They are, on average, around 16 pounds. But don't let their size fool you. Schips (as they are often referred to) are big dogs in little bodies. I've seen them face down German Shepards and run from Chihuahuas.

Schipperkes live on an average of 17-21 years. From the age of 6 months until well into their late teens they become perpetual toddlers. A Schips motto is "I have to DO something, let me find something!" They are busy, and learn extremely quickly. Obedience training is a must for these little guys. They excel at Agility! Schips are also extremely food motivated and can very easily become fat if allowed.

As pups Schip resemble little black bears. Weighing just a few pounds with the cutest little faces ever. As they grow, they gain what is often referred to as Fox like features. With their beautiful full black coat, ruff outlining their face, they are indeed foxy! They are clown like in behavior and there is never a dull moment with a Schip in your life.

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