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Fremont Street was once the place you went to for action in Las Vegas. However, when the modern-day supercasinos such as the Luxor, Excalibur, and Caesar's Palace started going up along Las Vegas Boulevard, business along Fremont Street trailed off. In a last-ditch attempt to keep tourists coming their way, the buisnesses along the drag pooled their money and came up with a spectacular light show called the Fremont Street Experience.

Stretching two city blocks of the street is a canopy of what must be millions of small red, green, and blue lights. Every night, on the hour, a 5-minute light and music show is displayed on the canopy. It is dizzying to stand under a quarter-mile long ribbon of light.

Most of the main shows are cheesy, lowest common denominator-style medleys of classic songs, with appropriate light shows. However, at about 9:45 one night, my companion and I were treated to somethiing that looked truely experimental on the canopy....a group of grasping hands, beside the words "want", and "need" and a constantly changing background color, set to one of Moby's B-side songs. When my friend asked one of the casino greeters about it, she said it was their test pattern.

Although the light shows and the abundance of souvenier stands and stores on the street make it a good place to go with the family, The Glitter Gulch strip club still remains on the drag.

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