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Frigid Vinegar were accidentally formed when expelled from an Astronauts college for dogs. Thrown onto the streets he survived by forming a skiffle group "Harry Monk and the Custard Chuckers" and specialising in A Flock Of Seagulls covers, toured the nations massage parlours, fast becoming one of the most popular "extras" in the Milton Keynes area until the band sensationally split during a highly publicised blaze of fury involving a nasty fisticuff incident over a stolen caramac.

Our hero quickly needed to re-invent himself and after a brief spell as a floozie, stumbled across the name "Frigid Vinegar", a bizarre military experiment protected by the official secrets act that took place during the 1920's in darkest Constantinople. Taking this as his moniker and inspired by David Essex's "Gonna Make You A Star" he finally made enough money to enter the studio after decorating Simon Bates flat and immediately set about recording his first project, a radical acid thrash jazz"n"bass version of the Rentaghost theme.

Unfortunately, this project had to be shelved due to decorating commitments (Peter Powell's luxury trailer home) but this brought about enough time for another radical change of direction and followed a return to his roots and first love of astronauts and dogs, thus the single "Dogmonault 2000" was born.

The rest they say is....... Well, surely something will happen........soon!!

As for the Custard Chuckers sadly both Toosh McCoosh and Diesel Lungs Murzel died from two separate cases of syphilis (You know what I mean here John that nasty Little sexpox you've had a few times!!) whilst surviving member Killer Duncan is still involved in the music business driving the Vengabus and occasionally putting Westlife to bed.
Taken from www.frigidvinegar.com, minus spelling mistakes


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