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Caramac is a caramel candy bar made by Nestle and the cause of debate for people with a sweet tooth in the UK.

Launched in 1959, Caramac is an enigma. It is a similar shape to a regular chocolate bar, such as a MilkyBar or a Dairy Milk, but contains no cocoa. This makes it subject for much discussion from people who need to know whether it is a chocolate bar or not.

When looking to buy a Caramac bar, the first thing to notice is how difficult they can be to find. Not many shops sell them as they aren't known about by too many people. Those who do know about them either love them or hate them, so they aren't a big seller.

After opening the retro style orange and yellow paper wrapper, and the gold shiny foil, you are faced with a creamy pale brown confectionery product. A similar colour to unrefined sugar. The thin bar has pieces marked out in raised squares and is easy to break into pieces.

On placing one in your mouth, it immediately begins to melt and gives a sweet pleasant sugary buttery taste. The second piece is still quite pleasant, but by the end of the bar the sweetness is overwhelming and quite sickly. It makes many people vow not to have another bar, then over time they forget how sickly the last piece was and how lovely the first piece was and the process is repeated again. Some poeple can find them moreish though.

Caramac are available in 30 gram sized bars and are gluten free, egg free, nut free and vegetarian.

A Kit Kat Caramac is a variation on the Caramac bar which is even more scarce than a Caramac. Like a normal large size Kit Kat, they hare four wafer fingers, but the Caramac varient is unsuprisingly covered in Caramac instead of chocolate.

spiregrain says:- I had a Caramac KitKat yesterday- like a normal KitKat but with the anemic yellowy mocklate of caramac instead of normal chocolate. It *seems* more sickly - But I've not had a normal Caramac for some time.


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