Many decorative candles have a frothy wax that has been hardened on it. This effect is rather easy to attain for the hobbyist in candle making.

At some point, the wax will cool to the point where there is a thin film across the top of the wax. At this point, take a fancy egg beater (the type with the handle and two beaters) and whip the wax. Other types of tools for whipping food do not work as well, the entire point is to get air bubbles trapped in this film. Spoons and wire wisks do not do this as well and thus leave the wax lumpy.

Upon whipping the wax, there will be a still warm layer of bubbled wax. With a knife or spoon remove it from the edges of the pot and place it on the candle where desired.

While this can be used as decoration around the outside of a candle giving it a 'snow' effect, it also vaguely resembles the foam on top of a soda or beer.

It is possible to clean wax off of a metal tool by placing it on a foil sheet in the oven at 'low'.

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