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The final vocal outburst in the hypnotic tribal chant by Zack De La Rocha in the song titled Killing in the name by Rage Against The Machine.

Inspired by toasterleaving's node on body count I decided to pull this gem back out and listen to it. It reminds me of a growing theme I have of "getting older and getting angier" It's probably not healthy but that's how it is. Shit Happens.

I guess it's a reflection of:

"Now you do what they told ya"
"Now you're under control"

..that comes with a mortgage, responsibility and life. The truth is I'm your average passive unmotivated 30-something year old just doing the stuff I have to do to be reasonably happy.

Get it, listen to it.. change the pace for 5 minutes and 14 seconds.

When thousands of people chant this at a Rage concert, you have to marvel at the irony.

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