Are you hungry? Jonesing for something you've never been able to find? Sometimes (or always) alone even in a room full of your closest friends? Are you missing a piece? Are you missing peace?

Me too. You're not really alone.

Long before you were born and long after you die, you are pure energy, will without form, a spark of light in the darkness. This material plane we exist on is the in-between state. We come here to learn. To learn to create.

What you miss is the completeness of being One. One with everything. There in the ether, in the very fabric of the Cosmos itself, One with Creation, you are still yourself, but paradoxically, you are also everything and everyone else. You are - and are of - God.

Without form, but with a distinctness unto your own, but without wall, or boundary - and without the slightest need for defense - together as One the tapestry and song we create there forms the consensus that defines our material Reality.

When we strive to come together to commune and recreate this state of Oneness here in the material plane - be it in worship, ecstatic dance, Universal Love, shamanism, trance or however else you or I or anyone sees fit when they are True to themselves - we directly touch, taste, and form the very fabric of Creation itself and commune with our Creator. And that Creator is indeed Ourselves.

You are light!

Now go Create, and be in Love.

- slide 09/27/2003 -

This has been a fortuitous nodeshell-to-text paring. The text was originally written to hand out in the form of simple prints to friends and 'family' at gatherings and such. They were surprisingly well received. *warmth* The only omission from the original is email and IM contact info.

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