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Since man has learned to walk on two legs he has been hacking himself.
The machines we call our bodies are exceedingly hard to reverse engineer, but we’re getting better at it.


You can alter your firmware. Some use discipline, some use hypnosis, some like religion, some just know how. Your mind is more malleable than any other thing you will encounter in your world, and as a consequence you can flip it like a switch.

I maintain that I am God of my world, and you of yours. Perception is everything, hack your perception. Take a cue from Pavlov and his Dog, make the world something you want to salivate over.


The ancient Egyptians used a sheath filled with crocodile dung as birth control. They had a good idea, but not very pleasant. Flash forward several thousand years to the latex condom, and female birth control pills... Make the female body think it’s pregnant when it’s not. It’s brilliant!

As far as I’m concerned this is the ultimate hack so far. Years and years of evolution made sex pleasurable so we’d procreate. A small circumvention and we can get all the fun without the catch. Think of all the resources freed up and quality of life improved by eliminating unwanted pregnancy. Soon there will be male birth control pills… now if we could only find a sexual anti-virus program a new sexual revolution would be born.


In ancient man’s cave dwellings in Europe, psilocybin mushrooms have been found. Drugs are the oldest hack, effective but blunt. It seems as soon as all other human needs are met, man seeks drugs. Prozac, Opiates & MDMA make you happy. Viagra makes you horny. Caffeine perks you up. Alcohol and Marijuana bring you down. Pills that hack the body are too numerous to mention. While drugs usually meet their aims, screwing with the body’s chemistry can have other unintended effects. This is still by large the most common hack, people are trying their hardest to fulfill the Hedonistic Imperative all over the world as I type.


Want to own your root? Today the cycle is speeding up. We have artificial hearts and hips and simple eyes. You can expect to live longer today than in any other time in human history thanks to our grandiose technology.

The law of accelerating returns (like Moore’s law but on a grander scale) dictates that within the next century we will have the technology to upgrade ourselves to fantastical meta-human levels. This will cause us to move forward faster than evolution ever could push us. If you could get a brain that never forgets, limbs that never get tired, and complete control over all of your mental faculties, would you turn it down?

I strongly recommend hacking yourself. If you're stuck in this body you might as well push it as far as you can.

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