Eyes following your every move, imprinting them in my memory. Leaning forward to bridge the gap between you and I as you speak to me. Biting the inside of my lower lip, in such a subtle manner, that you can't tell if you aren't looking for it. Massaging one hand with the other, keeping eye contact, radiating heat with my carnal thoughts. Running a hand through my hair, wishing it were yours. Inhaling a little more deeply to catch your scent. Closing eyes and sighing softly.

Did you catch it? No. Swallowing hard at the feel of your breath against my neck as you lean over to whisper something to me. Arching back slightly as I stretch, to accentuate my assets. Watching you from the corner of my eye, licking my lips ever so slightly. Biting my lip a little harder. Brushing as much of my body against yours as is polite and possible as I pass you by. Wiggling hips a little more than usual as I leave the room.

Biting my knuckle hard when you're out of sight.

Hot damn.

This was initially a nodeshell challenge from Noether. Thank you.

A small excerpt from my personal log:

She barely knows me. But I remember her well. I remember her small, perfect figure, her energetic personality, her beautiful epicanthic eyes. She comes over to me and sits on my lap, we talk for a while. I find out she also spends time playing on the computer and knows the terminology. She is smart and has a good sense of humor; she flirts with me using computer terms as though they were sexual words. Her voice is beautiful and feminine, and her smile seems to radiate through her whole body.


She dances for a bit, and then she leans in to me. She slowly moves closer and closer; in the center of my view I notice her thin necklace with a small golden symbolic heart attached. As she leans closer, my entire field of vision becomes more her. She moves upward and closer still, and I can start to feel the heat from her body without even touching. She moves even closer to my face, but still without contact; she is so close, that all I can see is the smooth surface of her chest. The heat is intense. Her scent is a light sweet smell of delicate passion. I know her heart is beneath the smooth warm surface directly in front of me. She remains still, but moves slightly to her breath. The world fades. I snapshot this feeling in my mind. After a moment that could have been a minute, she slowly backs away. Her breasts come into view again, then her body, and then her beautiful face.

I looked up at her beautiful smile and spirited eyes. Moving slowly, she turns around and pushes herself into a position in my lap. She slowly leans back and places her head on my left shoulder and reaches her right hand over to the right side of my head for support. She runs her fingers through my hair and pulls my head to hers. Her grasp is feminine and delicate. I look down at her body, seeing her body nearly from her own perspective. She slowly arches her back in rhythm to her breath. Her skin is indescribably soft and warm. She holds still for just a moment, and again, I watch her breathe. The small movements of her body as she lay still and breathes is more beautiful than I can describe. My mind begins to slow again, though this time even more than before. I imagine if this were real. I imagine her as my lover. The rest of the world ceases to exist.


The music ends and she returns to innocence. She remains with me for a while as she sits on my lap, with her arm around me. We talk for a while; occasionally we are silent. I am in another place, with her leaned against me, feeling her warm body as I support her back while she sits. Even now, in the absence of the flesh and dance, I feel a strong attraction. I feel more content than ever before, just for the little while that she is there close to me.

This node was the inspiration for starting my personal daylogs, which I believe has contributed significantly to improving my life.

Sitting across the table from the love of your life, his hand gently rubbing around the plate he's cradling, caressing it with his lean, long fingers. The restaurant is quiet and you can focus only on him and the things he's thinking about.

You look into his gorgeous eyes and feel your hand reaching out to grab the plate from his reach. You don't think about it. You want to touch that hand and leave it empty, you want to be in charge.

Then you start to eat his food, shovelling in mouthful after mouthful of the meal he's ordered. It doesn't matter what it is: chicken, salad, fish, a cake. Now it's yours.

The second before the food touches your lips you feel saliva start pouring from the crevices of your mouth, as if a sprinkler has just been turned on behind your tongue. As you swallow the spitty sea you're faintly disgusted by the speed your mouth filled with the liquid, but you don't care. You're just too damn hungry.

Your meal might only take thirty seconds longer but you need food now. You desire it more than you've ever wanted food before. You are starving.

The cascade of saliva...

a tiny involuntary movement of desire.

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