Well, ok, there goes my reputation as a good, clean kid. But let me reassert that i am, in fact, made up of 100% sweetness and light, despite the evil nodeshell i dished to mr bones.

That being said, you should know the Nodeshell Challenge is a one-on-one, high-pressure command performance version of Whose Node is it Anyway?

That being said, i would like to tell you all that nodeshell challenge is actually sex. You couldn't tell? It's intense, it's exciting to know someone's interested.. But to do it right, you should know your partner, keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Propositioning strangers for nodeshell challenge is roulettelike, not recommended. Putting in your all, the trembling heights of your creativity, is! Make it hurt a little. Maybe you want to take it slow. Maybe you'll find your perfect partner. And then you won't want to stop...

    What happen then, Mr. Bones?
    I had a most marvelous       piece of luck. I died.

and THAT being said, don't forget: sweetness and light, sweetness and light. The quote is from John Berryman.

Ancient China, ie. pre 1900. Court poets are given a title and an evening to complete a poem, which is judged by the present aristocracy in contest. Such poems usually end with the note "written in response to challenge at 'Palace' on 'date'"

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