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SimPorn is a new game from Maxis where you get to step into the shoes of Larry Flint, Hugh Heffner, and other adult media greats to build and run your own erotic entertainment empire.

You start out in your bedroom with nothing but a polaroid camera and your slutty older sister. From here you must expand your business, getting new and more spacious offices, higher quality equipment, and more exotic models. The game is as in-depth as it is interactive and exciting. Conduct marketing surveys to find out which sells better, anal or bondage? Do you send your star photographer to do a full page glossy shoot on a tropical beach, or explore the hidden underworld of crack orgies? Should you spend your investment money on buying higher quality models, or build a "tanning and workout" facility as a front for a "voyeur" website? Or maybe you wan to get more "hands on". you hand picking the girls (or guys) you want to shoot, and what part of their lucious bodies to point the camera at. Even direct your own feature length triple-X film! Can you be the first "adult entertainment" company to pull of a sucessful IPO? The choices, and hard ons, are all yours in SimPorn, available in fall of 2000 for $29.95 retail.

The node was the result of a nodeshell challenge from CentrX

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