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Having an older sibling can be an enriching experience for a child. The older brother or sister can teach them discipline, self respect, kindness, and other important life skills. They can provide the younger children with a positive influence, and help the child in their times of need. The younger child can grow up a more whole, kind, and loving human being, ready to face the world and better it.

Or, the older sibling can do something entirely different. They can be a horrible agitating force in the younger child's life, living solely to impose their will over their sibling just to please themselves. They'll take what they want, often manipulating their parent's as of yet un-dissolved delusions that their children are young and fragile to punish the younger sibling for offenses they did not commit. The younger sibling grows up to be bitter about humanity, keeping only a tight circle of friends and often doing without things they want, subconciously fearing they will be taken or turned against them.

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