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Patrick: "Ooh. My goodness Dan, did you see that hit Palmer put on Tiger on the 9th green? Simply brutal!"
Dan: "Yes indeedy Pat. He'll be feeling that one tomorrow."

The Rules:
  • Two teams will face off at the tee.
  • These teams will consist of six players.
  • Each member will carry two clubs and will be assigned a special task. (i.e.-Drivers, or Putters)
  • The start of the game is initiated with a referee throwing down the ball (like that in hockey).
  • The team that wins the ball hits it towards the hole.
  • The two teams charge forward once the ball comes to a rest.
  • The team that grabs the ball first has possession and may hit or kick the ball.
  • In the instance of hitting the ball, the other team can gain possession without intercepting a pass or picking up a kick.
  • If the ball ends up in the sand-trap, the two "hazard clearers" from each team must jockey for the best and fastest hitting style.
  • If the ball ends up in the water hazard, the two "hazard clearers" must jump in the water and find the ball. (Getting attacked by alligators and other water-dwelling creatures results in penalty)
  • Upon recovery of the ball, the "hazard clearer" must place it on the shore opposite of the green, also known as the score zone, and back into play.
  • Tackles may occur during hitting, passing, and when the two "hazard clearers" are working.
Scoring can occur three ways:
  • The first way to score is to putt the ball into the hole, the score is based on the par of the particular hole.
  • The second way to score is to tackle the opponents putter. (1 point)
  • The third way to score is to kill a bird or a small mammalian creature, also known as course targets (3 points)
Green rules:
  • The putter must work quickly because the opposite team can tackle him on the green.
  • If a tackle damages the green in anyway, the tackling team will be penalized 5 points.
  • The ball may not be intercepted on the green.
  • The putter loses possession of the ball if he is tackled more then twice.
  • The Teams play a full 18 holes.

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