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At the beginning of every Futurama episode (and at some times during the episode), a "secret" ultra-nifty code can be seen. Often times, it's called The Futurama "Alien Language."

Signs on restaurants can be decoded to produce "Tasty Human Burgers" and other B-movie-esque captions. Also, other billboards contain anti-human propagandha and whatnot.

Currently, most of the code is mapped out as follows:

  • A: Upright pitchfork-looking object.
  • B: A greater-than symbol (>) with a dot over the far right side.
  • C: (Undetermined)
  • D: A square with out-stretching arrows sprouting from each corner.
  • E: A diamond with poles on the top and bottom.
  • F: (Undetermined)
  • G: A symbol reminscent of an upright pole that a less-than symbol (<) has cleaved towards the top.
  • H: A flowery looking 'f'.
  • I: Graph a trig function in polar mode. A typical spiral-like pattern.
  • J: (Undetermined)
  • K: Similar to the G symbol, but with a crushed <.
  • L: Looks like the Command key on a Mac, but missing the bottom loops.
  • M: Looks like a skewered olive (as you might see in a martini {shaken, not stirred}).
  • N: A rounded oblong rectangle with dots on the far left/right.
  • O: A lower-case 't' with a spiral on top.
  • P: looks like:
    with a dot in the middle.
  • Q: (Undetermined)
  • R: A square with an isosceles triangle poking through the bottom.
  • S: Looks like the aliens in the first wave of "Space Invaders"- or rather an upright radish-like shape with antenae on top/bottom.
  • T: Looks like a faaaaar away view of the Eiffel Tower.
  • U: An upward squiggle mark.
  • V: Everyone's first Etch-a-Sketch rendering (or a soon-to-end game of Worms), a square that turns inward before finishing and then up. (Okay, I'll admit that's vague, just view it here: http://www.geocities.com/TelevisionCity/Network/8310/lang-v.gif)
  • W: An inverted pyramid with a rod poking out and up of the top left corner (as well as one jutting out of same corner to the left ending in a <.)
  • X: (Undetermined)
  • Y: A sideways triple-u. (ie: a 'w' with an extra u).
  • Z: (Undetermined)

  • 0: (Undetermined)
  • 1: (Undetermined)
  • 2: (Undetermined)
  • 3: A large carrot (^).
  • 4: (Undetermined)
  • 5: (Undetermined)
  • 6: (:
  • 7: Write (using symbols) square root of dot on a piece of paper, rotate it 90 degrees (π/2 radians) and underline it.
  • 8: (Undetermined)
  • 9: (Undetermined)

Graphics available at


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