General Purpose Machine Gun. The British army nomenclature for the 7.62 mm FN-MAG machine-gun. Used from 1960s-1990s as the British army's light support weapon. The GPMG is equivalent to the US M-60, and like the M-60, has now been superceeded by a 5.56mm calibre weapon (the L86A1).

Calibre; 7.62 x 51mm NATO
Weight empty; 10 kg
Barrel; 546mm, 4 rh grooves
Feed system; Metal link belt, infinite length
Rate of Fire; 850 RPM
Muzzle velocity; 853m/s

The feed mechanism for the FN-MAG (and hence the GPMG) was based on the German WW2 MG42, and the breech mechanism is esentialy that of the BAR. The ammo belts for the GPMG are NATO standard metal-link belts, the type you occasionaly see people wearing as fashion accessories.

The GPMG, or Gympi, as its usally known is one of the best infantry weapons I have fired. the 7.62 NATO round will happily go though brick work, and with a tripod, and 1000 rounds, the weapon, will, quite obligingly remove houses. (or the majority of them, at least). The weapon, at the moment, is used in MG Platoons, along side .50 Calibre Browning Heavy Machine Guns. They are also typically mounted on vehicals, and when spare, are issued to infanty to replace the rather pathetic LSW. The Ammunition used with them is the same type has that of the Hughes Chain Gun, the co-ax armment of Warrior (AFV510)

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