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From: The Thorough Good Cook

Entrees: 18. Galantine of Turkey

Bone the turkey, draw the skin of the legs and wings inside; spread the boned bird flat upon the table; season with pepper and salt and a little aromatic spice; spread a layer of sausage-meat an inch' thick upon this, add some long squares of red tongue or ham, some small black truffles, and a few pistachio kernels; repeat the sausage-meat, the seasoning, and the tongue, etc.; and having sufficiently filled up the galantine, sew it up with twine, roll it in a buttered napkin, fasten the ends with string, and set it to braise in some well-seasoned veal and calfs-foot stock for about an hour and a half. When done, the galantine must be allowed to become partially cold in its own stock, in order that it may thus preserve its mellowness and flavour. It must then be put in press between dishes, with a fourteen-pound weight on the top, and when quite cold, removed from the napkin; lastly, glaze it, and the string taken out, place it on its dish, and ornament it with aspic jelly.

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