Initially named The Original Jackass Leather Company in 1969 by its founder Richard N. Gallagher, the Galco of today is still renowned as a fine maker of gun holsters. Although they only used horsehide when they were still the Jackass Leather Company they now have holsters in cowhide and even exotic leathers such as alligator and sharkskin. The name was changed to Galco in 1980 along with their relocation from Chicago to Phoenix Arizona.

Galco's holsters are all hand made and hand boned to custom fit the firearm it was designed for. They don't have one size fits all holsters. One of their designs that made them famous worldwide is the Jackass Shoulder Rig which Don Johnson chose for use in the hit TV series Miami Vice, that very same product has been renamed the Miami Classic in honor of that show I suppose.

Not only are their products practical but I would also have to add that they are pretty stylish as well, testament to this fact are some of these Hollywood flicks that have the main cast members wearing Galco holsters to carry their guns: Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Arnold Schwarzenegger in True Lies and Total Recall, both Nicholas Cage and John Travolta in Face Off and even martial arts expert Jackie Chan in Rush Hour. Those are only a few as there really are too many Hollywood movies with action stars and guns. On the TV front, aside from Don Johnson as mentioned we also have Chuck Norris in Walker Texas Ranger, Tom Selleck in Magnum PI and even the busty babe Pamela Lee Anderson in V.I.P.

Galco continues with its record of excellence and provides professional as well as concealed carry holsters for most of the handguns in the market. Should you ever decide to carry a gun for self defense or as part of your duty rig, consider Galco holsters. Try it, you'll love it.

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