Gal"lic (?), a. [From Gallium.] Chem.

Pertaining to, or containing, gallium.


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Gal"lic [From Gall the excrescence.]

Pertaining to, or derived from, galls, nutgalls, and the like.

Gallic acid Chem., an organic acid, very widely distributed in the vegetable kingdom, being found in the free state in galls, tea, etc., and produced artificially. It is a white, crystalline substance, C6H2(HO)3.CO2H, with an astringent taste, and is a strong reducing agent, as employed in photography. It is usually prepared from tannin, and both give a dark color with iron salts, forming tannate and gallate of iron, which are the essential ingredients of common black ink.


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Gal"lic (?), a. [L. Gallicus belonging to the Gauls, fr. Galli the Gauls, Gallia Gaul, now France: cf. F. gallique.]

Pertaining to Gaul or France; Gallican.


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