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A two-floor, medium-sized mall, the Garden State Plaza (apparently officially known as the Westwood mall, but I have never heard anyone call it that) houses a fair amount of stores. Like any mall of it's size, it also houses a sizeable amount of mallrats. Go out to the front entrance practically whenever high school isn't in session, and you'll see a plethora of teens smoking and talking about every drug imaginable.

There's nothing remarkable at all about the GSP, really. It has a fairly nice food court. But on the other hand, it has two Sharper Images and a plethora of other stores for rich people who actually spend their money freely. A quick glance at how busy the new Wal-Mart on Route 46 is all the time, and you too would understand why this is a huge mistake. This area of northern NJ is flooded with those who largely made their wealth by not buying from these expensive, superficial stores.

Regardless, there are a few shops that might be worth your time. There's a Hot Topic for those into that sort of thing, while an EB, EBX, and Planet X round out the video/computer game store selection (check all 3 before purchasing a title, you can save yourself as much as $10, even on new releases).

Finally, in the food court, check out the Panda Express. Better Chinese food only comes in those fancy restaraunts you find on top of mountains. Bring an appetite, too...while the food is fairly pricey compared to the other stands, you get what you pay for. Oh, and they do have white rice, just ask if you want it with your order instead of the fried stuff.

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