I attended the Festival. Rob Malda, aka CmdrTaco was entertaining as usual. I missed Eric S. Raymond as there was a drama festival at the John Hancock hall across the stree that had some friends competing in. I was second in the "Stump the Geek" trivia contest, and won a DVD player that also plays MP3s.....unfortunately, I already have the Apex AD-600A.

The video game tribute band was disappointing, and I thought the electronica should've been louder. And the D&D video game crapped on me, on the second to last level. But the games were free, as was food while it lasted and lots of other stuff. Adison-Wesley gave me a free shell programing reference. The place was rather big, although not really convention center big. There were at least a few hundred people there. Overall fun, but not as good as it coulda been.

Also, Hannibal Lecter was voted in as the best geek hero but for press release purposes officially it was Alan Turing, followed by Linus Torvalds.

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