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Eugene H. Spafford is a professor of Computer Science at Purdue University, specializing in computer security issues. He founded and served as the director of Purdue's Computer Operations, Audit, and Security Technology (COAST) laboratory, where he oversaw the development of the popular COPS & Tripwire security tools for Unix systems. COAST has since been subsumed by CERIAS, another research center which approaches computer security with a multidisciplinary approach instead of just focusing on the computer aspect.

Spafford also co-wrote the O'Reilly and Associates classic Practical UNIX & Internet Security with Simpson Garfinkel. He helped defuse the Morris Internet Worm in 1988 and wrote the best-known analysis of the incident. He continues to mentor graduate students, work on books, and try to change the computer security world.

Spafford was also an influential voice in the early years of Usenet, where he was better known as 'Spaf'.

Spaf is easily recognizable via his often worn bowtie.

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