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A character in the console RPG Lunar: Eternal Blue (on Sega CD, Sega Saturn and Sony Playstation), General Leo is a beastman, with a large horn in the middle of his forehead that curves upward. He captures Lucia (the mystical hot girl), forcing Hiro (the protagonist) and Ronfar (drunken skirt-chaser) to rescue her. He basically fulfills the role of the bad guy turned good, except he is self-righteous both before and after his role reversal. He joins the party late in the game (after joining it briefly earlier as hunky masked hero Mystere), but is quite powerful in battle. Uses Earth magic.

Also a character in Final Fantasy 6 (a homonym . . . or is it?). He is a soldier of the Empire (one of the top 3 generals, including Celes and Kefka), and he is the only person with any emotion for the enemy. First encountered in Doma, where he advises the soldiers not to poison the people of Doma. Seen intermittently in many Imperial situations, he is encountered in most capacity after the party goes to Thamasa to search for the espers. You then may use him against certain enemies (he has the special ability of Flash Blade, which does large amounts damage to all enemies for no cost), at which point he leaves the party. While it is true that many ancillary characters in this game have large outlines of character but no substance, General Leo is easily one of the best-realized NPCs in the game, second only to, I would say, Kefka.

Oh, and the two games were release within eight months of each other (Final Fantasy 6: 4/2/94, Lunar: 12/22/94), so the similarities between the two characters (same name, same semi-good turned good plotline) may or may not be coincidental.

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