Born on February 4, 1940 in New York, NY

George Romero is one of the most famous director of the 'fearfilm' genre, notably for his first independent film, Night of the Living Dead. He started his filming career while in his teens using an 8mm camera. He went on to study art, design, and theater at the Carnegie-Mellon Institute of Art in Pittsburgh, where he recieved his Bachelor's degree in 1961. After Graduation, he formed the company Latent Image, an industrial and commercial film producer. In 1967, he launched his extensive movie career with the afore-mentioned Night of the Living Dead.

Romero's movies are far richer then the average 'fearfilm' gorefest - not to say that he shies away from gore, but he manages to instill depth in a genre known for its lack of substance. The typical Romero film has themes of self-delusion, survival, love, and death. His characters are much more three dimensional then most fearfilm roles, and the plots have more then just the usual mow-through-the-hordes-of-undead-to-save-the-distressed-maiden-and-save-the-world cliche. His works are often ironic and cynical, and portray mankind in a self-destructive, petty light.

Romero is often considered the master of the Zombie Film genre, and has influenced nearly every aspiring filmmaker aiming to make the next classic gorefest. He has been very active in the film world, having been involved in several dozen projects since his debut. While most famous for his Living Dead series, he has an extensive filmography as an actor, director, writer, etc.

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Editor's update: Romero died of lung cancer at his home in Toronto on Sunday, July 16, 2017, aged 77. LA Times.

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