...he said, exhaling a thick stream of smoke. "We have found him to be considerably more crafty than his demeanour would indicate. In the past, others have attempted to take advantage of his..." He pursed his lips in distaste, like an aristocrat prodding a dead rat with his shoe. " 'Silliness.' All have failed."

In the shadow cast by the looming chair that dominated the room, a nervous-looking man squirmed. The unfortunate wretch was merely one of countless henchmen employed by the nebulous concern that sought to seize control of the Everything project. The consortium worked from the shadows, taking great care never to let their hand be seen by the powers that be. They worked through users like this one; trolls and flamers who were counterproductive by nature. He often reflected on the irony of it. Chaos could be a useful tool - once you got it organized.

He turned and looked at the man for the first time. "You were given a simple task, and you have failed. But what is more, you have betrayed my trust by resorting to devices that you know I cannot abide." The man broke into a cold sweat. He continued on, relentless. "I expect total compliance from all those who work for me. Failure cannot be tolerated."

In total silence, the two hulking giants each placed a hand on the man's shoulders. the man lost his composure completely, screaming and begging as he was dragged away. The pitiful cries faded as his struggling form receded down the hallway.

An inconspicuous presence joined him at the towering window. "A pity about the waste, sir. He was not without his uses."

He did not bother to turn around. "Perhaps, James, but I am not without principles. I will not dirty my hands by undermining the very thing which i seek to control. There are some things that do nothing but harm us all." He turned to leave, pausing only to extinguish his cigar. "Give my regards to The Nodeshell Rescue Team."

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