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In a move that shook the world, Kentucky born heartthrob George Clooney has grown a goatee, it has been revealed today.

Clooney, best known for his role as Dr. Sensitive-yet-Rugged in TV's ER caused further consternation among his legions of female fans by donning a dark-hued sweatshirt.

Sources close to the World's most eligible bachelor state that beard growth started in earnest at 11 a.m. on July 10th, but a leaked memo, which has fallen into the hands of E2, puts the first sightings of stubble nearer the 12 p.m. mark.

Around water-coolers and Coke machines in offices from Tokyo to Tenerife, the shock waves could be felt. Women downed tools and gasped; some being forced to grab hold of nearby desks to steady themselves. The cost to businesses is expected to run into the hundreds of millions.

The United Nations Commission for Making Women Stop Drooling and Do Some Fucking Work claimed Mr Clooney had acted in "A very irresponsible manner" adding: "The chin furniture itself would have had serious repercussions, but the world's press have compounded the problem by adding substantial fuel to the flames."

Clooney today refused to comment, but is said to be saddened that he can't forget to buy razors for a couple of days without the U.N.C.M.W.S.D.D.S.F.W. climbing all over his back.

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