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"Walk lightly through the world looking for that of God in everyone" - George Fox

George Fox (1624-1691) is the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). He was born in England and in 1643 began giving sermons across England because he was dissatisfied with the Church of England. He preached that ordained ministers were irrelevant, because nobody is closer to God simply because of ordination. He believed that there is the light of God within each of us.

In 1656, followers of his growing ministry refused to attend Anglican services and refused support the Church of England financially. George Fox was arrested for this, whereupon the judge reportedly told Fox to "Quake in the presence of the Lord" and the term Quakers was born. A different opinion on the origin of the term Quaker is that the early Quakers, arising from a group called Seekers, would actually begin to shake as they were overcome by the power of the spirit.

By 1660 Fox had over 20,000 followers by some estimates. Other estimates are that by 1663 he'd converted 20% of the population of England to Quakerism. Fox preached that the light of God is in everybody, and therefore everybody should be equal. He also preached on the virtues of pacifism, simple living and having a sense of community with others.

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