A native Fijian businessman who attempted to stage a coup in Fiji in May 2000 by holding the parliament, including Fijian Prime Minister Mahendra Chowdhury to ransom until the president gave up and declared the elected parliament led by Chowdhury ended. The main issue was over racism, since Fiji has a large ethnic Indian minority. It was felt by native Fijians that the new Fijian constitution was biased against them. The siege was finally ended when the Fijian military became involved, and all prisoners were released and with the military appointing an interim Cabinet which did not include George Speight. He was later put on to a prison island is currently awaiting trial for a variety of minor crimes, related to firearms offences if I remeber correctly. He did get an amnesty on treason charges as part of the negotiations to release the hostages.

To misquote Terry Pratchett, he will probably end up being a comma in the pages of history.

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