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Shai Hulud is a metal/hardcore (or metalcore according to mp3.com) band from Florida, currently residing in New York. They are a prominent group in the underground hardcore scene, well respected among their peers and fans alike. They have appeared on several Split EP's with bands such as Indecision, Another Victim, and Boy Sets Fire.

The bands sound is pretty uncompromising; Hardcore, hardcore, hardcore. There are obvious punk and metal influences, but the emphasis is definitely on the mid to high tempo thrashy grind of guitar with the vocals coming from halfway down the singers throat. I personally find their music and lyrics interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking, although I guess most people would probably see it as uninspired, teen-angsty, pretentious, and generaly misanthropic. (With song names like A Profound Hatred of Man and Love is the Fall of Every Man, thats understandable.)

The bands name is taken from the (excelent) novel Dune by Frank Herbert. See Shai-Hulud for more info, but basically the name refers to collosal sandworms which roam the deserts of planet Arrakis ruthlessly devouring anything that moves.

The band wanted to have a meaningful name, and somehow decided to take a name from Dune. They considered the name Harkonnen, before deciding against it on the grounds that it sounded cheesily similar to "hardcore". Oddly enough, a band called Harkonnen has since surfaced, re-enforcing my personal opinion that Harkonnen would be an excelent name for a rock band.

The band is currently signed to Revelation Records, for whom they are in the studio recording their forthcoming second full-length album, That Within Blood Ill-Tempered.

Since their inception in (random guess) 1995-ish the band have undergone rather a few lineup changes.

Current lineup:

  • Geert van der Velde - Vocals
  • Matt Fletcher - Guitar
  • Matt Fox - Guitar
  • Jared Allen - Bass, Website
  • (Position Avaliable) - Drums

The band currently has no permanent drummer, and are on the lookout for possible candidates. See the bands website www.hulud.com if you're interested.

Past members include:

  • Chad "Muad'Dib" Gilbert - Vocals
  • Oliver Chapoy - Guitar
  • Steven Kleisath - Drums
  • Damien Moyal - Vocals
  • Dave Silber - Bass
  • Jason Lederman - Drums


Compilation Appearances:

Information gleefully extracted from the bands official website at www.hulud.com and Sean Mlinscek's excelent fansite at http://members.tripod.com/shrules/shaihulud.html.


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