NFG is a rockin indy band that I accidentally stumbled upon at WDNR (Widener Radio). Their album, Nothing Gold Can Stay, contains nothin but rocking goodness. They sound like Saves The Day or Digger. If you are into indy rock and stuff and junk. I highly recommend blaring this. They also released a 7 song LP with covers of movie theme songs (i.e. The Glory of Love by Chicago). I would also recommend it if you like Reggie and The Full Effect and the Get Up Kids.

I honestly can not understand the 'new found popularity' of this band. I had heard about them, again and again, and i was curious as to if they were as good as people said. Then, when i went to see Less Than Jake, i got an opportunity to see ANFG too. I admit it was quite a letdown. I realize that most pop-punk shares similar chord progressions, but the amount of material from this band which was extremely similar to other bands was quite surprising. They have quite strong resemblences to not only Blink-182 but also The Ataris and some random band off of Fat Wreck Chords called '88 fingers Louie' (listen to song 10 off of the first fat compilation, this is where ANFG's 'hit song' comes from). Unlike many punk bands, there is nothing special about ANFG at all. Any band who plays songs from the 80s will be popular among some people, but if you want to hear real neat stuff out of the 80s check out the Minibosses. And the fact that people were leaving this show before Less Than Jake came on made me ill. LTJ puts on just about the best live show you'll see, and they are many orders of magnitude better than ANFG

ANFG may possibly suck enough to make it big, and i expect to see them on MTV soon. Then again... they are uglier than most of the people you see on TV these days. Last but not least, KROQ was billing them as 'LA's Favorite Band'. I think this is final proof that KROQ is now crap, and that Los Angeles is indeed a demented place. Learn to Swim

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